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Pyrenees Fly Fishing – Spain

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“The Closest thing to Heaven” is how American novelist Ernest Hemingway described fly-fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees. In the 1920’s he found himself fascinated by stunning natural beauty, the warmth of local people, and the strategic location for outstanding fly-fishing. Follow in Hemmingway’s footsteps and take your adventures to the Spanish Pyrenees and indulge in warm sunshine, exotic culture, delicious food, and breath taking landscapes.

The Spanish Pyrenees contains diverse landscapes with several different options for fly fishing: high mountain lakes with spectacular views, hidden gorges teaming with zebra trout and brown trout, and incredible mid-sized mountain streams stocked with the largest trout in the Pyrenees and the Iberian Barbel.

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Our exclusive hotel offers access to the best fly fishing locales in all of the Pyrenees for both the skilled angler and complete novice. We also provide transportation to restricted forest tracks with our 4x4 vehicles, providing skilled anglers with the most unique and privileged experiences. We take our clientele on fishing adventures in Ordesa National Park, certified UNESCO World Heritage Site. Book now for an exclusive fly fishing experience with us, we guarantee you an adventure you will remember for a lifetime!

Pyrenees (Mountains of Hercules)

The legends of our land contain stories about the formation of the Pyrenees. It was thousands of years ago when the kings of Olympus sent the giants to fight the men on earth. Hercules, warrior and greek hero, was in love with Pyrene, daughter of Tubal, King of Iberia. Tubal disapproved the love between them and the result had a fateful ending…

Pyrene died, and in her memory Hercules erected a tomb of an entire mountain range, reaching 3400 meters at its highest point. Now the Pyrenees separate France and Spain and join two seas, the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean, and it is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Spain.

The Pyrenees formed through the collision of tectonic plates during the Tertiary. Ordesa National Park is one of the most striking geological sites of the region. Monte Perdido is the highest limestone peak of Europe just next to the breathtaking Ordesa Valley carved by glaciers during the Quaternary.

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This is where most of our fishing activities take place – at the intersection of nature, stunning geology, and mountain culture. There are hikes for beginners and great challenges for mountaineers. Ordesa has a wide range of opportunities – landscapes, sport, fauna, flora, gastronomy, culture, and tradition.

The park also is part of an area of more than 15,000 hectares recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Monte Perdido reigns over several valleys with rivers of clear water – and any fisherman who approaches the shore will enjoy.



The southern face of the Pyrenees mountain range, province of Huesca in Aragon, Spain.


Two days (mínimum)


Tierra de Biescas Lodge.

Best season

1 June to 31 October.


High mountain lakes, mountain rivers, streams in pre-Pyrenees mountain chain.

nuno guiando


Zebra trout, Alpine Brook Trout, Iberian Barbel.

Number of anglers per guide

Maximum 2.

Adventure Outline


Day 1

Afternoon: Transport from airport (or train station) to the Fly Fishing Hotel.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines.

Day 2 (fly fishing in Gallego River)

Morning: Early breakfast at the lodge followed by a guided fishing day with a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines. Briefing for the journey next day.

Day 3 (fly fishing in Ordesa Nacional Park – Cinca River)

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel followed by a guided fishing day in a UNESCO World Heritage National Park (Ordesa National Park), with a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines. Briefing for the journey next day.

Day 4 (fly fishing in Ordesa Nacional Park – Ara River)

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel followed by a guided fishing day in a UNESCO World Heritage National Park (Ordesa National Park) and a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines and briefing for the journey next day.

Day 5 (fly fishing in Aragon River)

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel followed by a guided fishing day with a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with typical food and wines. Briefing for the journey next day.

Day 6 (fly fishing in Veral River – an outstanding Natural Park)

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel followed by a guided fishing day with a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines. Briefing for the journey next day.

Day 7 (fly fishing in Aragon River)

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel followed by guided fishing day with a tasty picnic near the river.

Evening: Relaxed dinner with regional food and wines. Briefing for the journey next day.

Last day

Morning: Early breakfast in the Hotel and transport to airport or train station.

Resort – Spa (4 star Hotel)

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Our commitment is to offer the most relaxing atmosphere to promote personal wellness for each of our anglers. As our core concept is wellness, we have selected the Hotel – Spa in Biescas as the base of our operations. This four star hotel is in a prime location, right at the entrance of Ordesa National Park. This charming hotel offers amenities for you fly fishing needs, including large rooms to store and dry equipment and equipment available to rent or buy. Warm and Friendly staff give you the selection of fine wines from around the region and Mediterranean meals crafted from the freshest of local ingredients. From our base we have convenient access to many nearby rivers as well as lakes in the Central Pyrenees. After a long days journey you can rejuvenate in the spa and fitness zone, or cool off in the outdoor pool surrounded by gardens during summer months. With its unbeatable location, our hotel choice provides the perfect opportunity to relax with a glass of wine or cup of tea and soak up the crisp air, warm sunshine, and spectacular mountain views.

 Pyrenees Fly Fishing 17

Choose from 42 luxurious rooms, each including mountain and garden views…


Rejuvenate in luxurious facilities…

Pyrenees Fly Fishing 19

  • GYM
  • HEATED POOL 6.5M X 4.2M.

Remember that Jack Trout Fly Fishing International strives to adapt our journeys to best fit your personal needs. We will tailor each trip and lodging to reduce transfer times and to conveniently access the appropriate fishing areas while maintaining our high standard of accommodation.

GUIDED HOLIDAYS – Rural Houses & Apartments in Biescas


GUIDED HOLIDAYS – Hotel spa (4 stars) in Biescas

Spain Fly Fishing Barcelona Catalonia

River Ter & River Segre – ponts or oliana – one day fly fishing trips

River Ter – River Segre – High Mountain Lakes of the Pyrenees

River Ter – River Segre

Hotels near the river Segre in the higher regions of the Pyrenees are pretty expensive, we like to put all our clients in more affordable lodging in the quant towns of Ponts or Oliana. These hotels are 50 km or 32 miles from the Pyrenees mountains. The Segre mountain rivers are for more advanced anglers and clientele with a larger budget, this is why we like to fish in 2 different areas with clients. The high Segre for beauty and zebra trout one day, and a 2nd day in the lower Segre near Ponts fishing for larger browns and rainbows. Zebra trout are notorious for being selective feeders and are generally more illusive and smart.

River Ter

River Ter is born in the Pyrenees, the fish are relatively smaller than the lower reaches due to higher elevations, colder waters and metabolism effects on growth. Zebra trout are ancient relics from the ice age and can adjust to the harsh winter climates of the Hercules & Hemingway mountains. Down river, the climate changes into receding valley’s where larger rainbows and brown trout prevail, there is more bug activity in these zones, predictable fly fishing with tree lined rivers that enhance bug habitat, especially in the late spring and summer months.


Predictable insect hatches are a daily offering for the trout. There’s a good zone we like to concentrate on in both rivers, you can be sure we’ll be on top our game to assist you in being at the right places at the right time. This is key for fishing in all over Spain, as knowing when the run off schedule for that particular year is the ultimate key for success. Both rivers offer both dry fly and nymphing opportunities, as we like to tie our own special flies for these rivers that we know are proven and effective.


$320 Euros or $350 USD per day includes – Guiding for One – Required accident insurance, Permit & Fishing License – $25 More Lunch Included – Rod & Reel Provided


River Segre in Ponts

River Segre in Ponts, is very good for larger browns and rainbow trout. The upper Segre near Andorra, we fish the river Segre and the river Valira at the confluences. This is a really good section to catch larger trout on both dries and nymphs as we know it well. The best month to fish are late May through the summer months, then again in the fall. Everything is based on what the insects, climate and time of year is offering. The key for us is our keen knowledge of knowing where to be when and where not to be why.

We advise clients to do one day in the upper reaches and one day down in the lower sections on both the rivers, the Ter and the river Segre, depending on what your goals are and your budget. Let us help plan your next adventure, here at Jack Trout Fly Fishing International, you never pay anymore for our services, this assists the guide during the season, so questions you may have can be answered immediately by Jack, and the guides can get home off the rivers and not have to be bogged down with clients details. (The biggest complaint by guides today, the guides and my clients really appreciate what we facilitate on all ends, for ultimate success.)

It gives them more time to spend with their families and tie a few more bugs up for the next day, concentrate on guiding. This is a winning team you can count on for your travels to Spain and throughout Europe, no other outfit worldwide assists clients with quality experienced Jack Trout approved guides for one day trips, than Jack Trout Fly Fishing International, check out our Tripadvisor reviews and you’ll see why, we take the mystery out of one fly fishing international travel. Jack Trout

It’s Our Experience That Makes The Difference!


Hotels Near river Segre

In all the villages excellent breakfasts, lunch and dinners, with some being extraordinary cuisine. Lunches are not served on our trips unless previously arranged, but most clients prefer taking a break and going back into town as most of the prices for a great lunch are around 8 Euros or about $10 USD!!

hrpedranegra Very Inexpensive, Nice people. (very quiet and peaceful)

Hotel Boncompte More expensive. (in the middle of the village)

Hotel Cal Petit Expensive. (very quiet and peaceful)


  • Villages Of Ponts
  • Village Of Oliana

Hotels Near river Ter

Hotels Near river Ter

Hostal Can Massot Very Inexpensive. Nice persons!

Fonda Tarres More expensive.

Can Valls Expensive.


Village of Angles

Village of Angels

sant marti maya

Village of St. Marti Sapresa (very quiet and peaceful)

Fly Fishing Information & Pricing

For one day 2 fly fishermen with fly fishing guide, licenses, permits & required accident insurance, transportation, fly rod & reel. $460 Euros or $475 USD

Price for 3 days – $975 Euros or $1000 USD – We can take a credit card deposit and you will have a 100% guaranteed reservation, with an email confirmation and receipt.

Let us take mystery out of European fly fishing adventure travel, as we save people all the time on the cost of a lodge and a more independent approach that allows are valued clientele the ability to move around based on their itinerary, schedule and budget.

We can pick you up from the train in Barcelona and take you on a wonderful fly fishing experience in Spain, give you suggestions for fly fishing France and Italy by train.

We have many great hotels located very near both the river Ter & river Segre in best fly fishing areas of Spain. We suggest you fish 3 days with us and you will know two the best rivers in Spain for dry fly, nymphing and affordable lodging.


Amazing Pyrenees Mountains

Amazing Pyrenees Mountains

Amazing Pyrenees Mountains

Let us tour you and a friend around the Catalonia – Barcelona – Pyrenees Of Spain. Let us guide you in the national parks, for unique photo opportunities, of scenery, mountain peaks, animals in our custom 4x4 with air conditioning.

Cost: $375 for 2 persons

pyrenees tours


Great for all those animal lovers who want to make beautiful pictures of animals as large male deer or chamois and lone male roe deer. It’s an activity that requires good physical condition and patience. Trips does not have any danger if you cater to the guide instructions.

It’s necessary to use proper clothing and good hiking shoes. To make good photographs is very advisable to have a camera with a optical zoom allowing focus in good conditions the animal wish to shot with your camera.

All the tours are with 4x4 vehicle.

Chamois and Roe Deer

Chamois and Roe Deer

The chamois is the emblematic species of the Pyrenees. It’s a high mountain animal, mainly diurnal, and is possible to see it all the day grazing in the meadows. It is a very agile and beautiful bovid. Chamois are very gregarious and is not difficult to see the grazing in the meadows. The big males are solitary and distrustful and the approaches to them are slow and require patience. They are animals of spectacular beauty and are the kings of the high mountains.

Roe deer is a cervid with a small size, very agile and fearful. It’s a precious animal. Photographs are not easy because they are always on the edge of the meadows and run quickly to the forest, for any alarm. However, early in the morning and late in the afternoon it’s possible to see them.

Golden eagles

Golden eagles, Osprey and other animals

On guided tours you can see other animals of great interest like the golden eagle, the osprey, the black vulture, the griffon vulture, the Capercaillie, marmots, otter, fox, and European hare, and in the summer we can see the Egyptian vulture. Other animals we can see are mouflon and the rare European lynx and also the wildcat. All these animals can be seen at some point in the tour.

There are the possibility with a special permit to hide in a special cabin for photograph the osprey, the Egyptian vulture and the black vulture.


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